Personal 635 nm Red Laser

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Quality entry level laser that is portable and easy to carry with clip.  The 635nm Red Laser Model is the same wavelength as a healthy cell and is most readily absorbed and utilized by the body.  It enhances cell activity and microcirculation and is commonly used to fight stress and fatigue and activate metabolism.  It is the preferred wavelength for body acupuncture point stimulation. Best for personal use.



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This complete 635 nm. Red Laser meets USA – FDA Laser Safety Regulations and has an output of 5 mw. It  is powered by two AA batteries (included) and comes in a protective case.  It utilizes a series of patented Laserlift products designed by doctors to limit eye exposure from laser scatter light radiation.  They accomplish this goal by collimating the laser beam, using sanitary, disposable tips. These tips come in two sizes, which allows safe stimulation of acupuncture points.  This is the same laser used by for stimulation of acupuncture face lift points and treating facial wrinkles. The smaller tip is very useful for auriculotherapy (ear points) and for points close to the eyes.  Dental tips are perfect for oral use. These quality units should not be confused with inexpensive laser pointers which are in the range of 650 – 670 nm. Research demonstrates that a wavelength of 635 nm (1 nanometer is 1/billionth of a meter) is the frequency of a healthy cell and is optimal for healing and most beneficial for stimulating acupuncture points. Usage instructions are included.. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Features and Accessories:

*Fully portable; patients not confined by a bulky unit.

*Laser Lift collimating tip

*Two Safety Tips

*Two AAA batteries included – Laser is a plus power, constant wave diode circuit type with computerized APC.

*6 – 4.25 disposable sanitary tips

*6 – 2.75 disposable sanitary tips

*Operating Instructions

All lasers are tested during final assembly at the manufacturer by industrial testing methods, then calibrated and retested to validate each laser as a “plus” 4.0-5.0mW power output certification.


Customer Reviews

“For some time i was interested by acupuncture. Medical doctors say that they must not harm, but they don’t have always harmful tools for healing.

I am not a acupuncture specialist, and my experience didn’t show good result from acupuncture doctors either. I have several problems, one being severe pain from SCI ( spinal cord injury ). I decided to try , it could not be worst than my present state anyway. I bought it and try it : I found out that that spot hurting me were also around acupuncture point, so I treated them with the red laser beam for around 1 to 2 mn …… and it works ….” – Anon.

3 Year Warranty
14 Day Return Policy
in the USA