Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it Safe?

A. Yes, when used as instructed, low level lasers are very safe. The primary safety regulation is DO NOT POINT A LASER, at the EYE, directly at the fetus during PREGNANCY, or over CANCER. Please refer to the Laser Safety section for more information.

Our laser is supplied with a patented product (The Laser Lift). This device allows the use of disposable, sanitary tips designed to collimate the laser beam for safe use.

Q. Is it FDA approved?

A. Low-level laser therapy is considered investigational by the FDA, and no medical claims of cures are permitted in the USA at this time. This product is not intended as a treatment or prescription for any disease or a substitute for medical care. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It can be be a long and arduous task for laser manufacturers to approve low level lasers for each disease as is currently required by the FDA. Most procedures and many devices used in the various medical specialties are not FDA approved. It is not illegal for doctors of any profession to use a non-approved device, however, it would be in violation of FDA and FTC regulations for doctors to advertise a non-approved device to treat specific diseases.

Q. What are the benefits of low level laser therapy?

A. In addition to stimulating the proper acupoints, the laser stimulates ATP production (body fuel). When ATP increases, it results in improved cellular metabolism, the immune response is stimulated, lymphatic drainage is improved, and the body's natural healing processes are enhanced.

Q. How does this procedure work?

A. The procedure is actually quite simple in practice and theory. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and recent research into the effects of low level laser light on human tissues. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that the body's health is effected and regulated by the natural flow of energy, called "Qi" (pronounced "Chee"). This energy or Qi can be altered, congested or stopped by internal or external forces (such as wind, cold, dampness, viruses, bad food, etc.) resulting in reduced vitality and an increased susceptibility to disease. Over the millennia, Chinese Physicians have discovered that treatment of certain specific points, sometimes called "Acupoints", can have profound and predictable effects on numerous disease conditions. Treatment of these Acupoints may be effected in a number of ways, such as pressure, heat, cold, the insertion of fine needles or laser light for example. Recent studies in the West have found that laser light is very effective in stimulating these Acupoints and in the promotion of positive tissue changes, like increased collagen production, decreased inflammation (swelling), improved wound repair and more. Stimulating Acupoints with a laser is simply another form of acupuncture therapy.

Q. Are there any conditions which would prevent me from using low level lasers in this program?

A. No, the effects of laser treatment are usually beneficial to the body, however if you are taking medications for skin conditions which require protection from light contact your dermatologist before using lasers. The lasers we recommend are single band (color red as opposed to the white of normal light) 635nm, 5 mW intensity and have no known contraindications for use. Studies have found laser light enhances tissue growth, wound healing and immune system functioning and are safe to use (however, lasers should never be pointed directly into the eyes).

Due to increased blood circulation and the creation of ATP (which triggers cell regeneration), it is not recommended to use a cold laser on an area that is suspected to have cancer. There is no evidence that this could be a problem, but common sense says that increasing the blood flow to a cancerous area might increase the growth of the cancer.

Q. Can light and laser devices help other conditions?

A. Actually, yes. Studies have shown laser therapy to increase the growth of tissue products such as collagen, stimulate repair cells called fibroblasts, and enhance immune system functioning to name a few. Conditions such as acne, rosacae, eczema, skin ulcerations and dermatitis have had amazing results with laser therapy. Though Low Level Laser Therapy is not a replacement for sound Medical diagnosis and treatment, most any condition which might respond to Traditional Chinese Medicine will respond to laser therapy. Always consult your healthcare provider for treatment of any condition or illness.

Q. Does this mean I can treat all that stuff myself?

A. Acupuncture treatment is condition and circumstance specific. In other words, training and diagnosis are required! Consultation with an associated healthcare professional is necessary for proper treatment of any health condition.

Q. What's so special about Low Level Lasers?

A. We have found that Photo Luminescence via Low Level Laser Therapy is safe, effective, inexpensive and easy to use and are showing up nearly everywhere. Out of concern for the safe use of Low Level Lasers, we recommend the use of a high quality Laser device for photo-luminescence and provides a collimator and sanitary tips for Laser use. This provides a safer, more focused beam for easy and specific treatment. Although there have not been any adverse effects of Low Level Laser light reported, all manufacturers of Lasers caution against shining Laser light into the eyes. Though our collimators cannot completely prevent this, they do remove scatter and allow for precise placement of the Laser treatment device to greatly reduce changes of injury.

Q. Are there any complications to the treatments?

A. No, although acupuncture is considered an experimental therapy in the USA it has been practiced safely in China for over 3,000 years. Low level laser is a very safe and effective form of therapy used to stimulate the acupoint