Doctors 635 nm Red Laser

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The Doctor’s 635nm Red Laser Model is the same wavelength as a healthy cell and it is most readily absorbed and utilized by the body. It enhances cell activity and microcirculation and is commonly used to fight stress and fatigue, and activate metabolism. It is the preferred wavelength for body acupuncture point stimulation. Designed for clinical or personal use.



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The Doctor’s 635nm Red Laser wavelength is the most important photon acceptor, activating ATP production, leading to increased energy and improvement of immune defense. This is a heavy duty instrument, manufactured in the USA, designed for long use with a constant on/off button in the base. This laser is a plus power, constant wave diode circuit type with computerized APC. The lasers are factory tuned and tested on a laser power meter. This comes with a three-year warranty. This device uses the patented laser-lift collimating tips. The unit is supplied with a hard travel case to protect the laser and accessories. The kit includes the Laserlift Line Generator, 1 straight and 1 angled dental tip, 6 disposable 2.75 mm and 6 disposable 4.25 tips. This is the laser of choice for professionals worldwide.

Features and Accessories:

Fully portable; patients not confined by a bulky unit.
Professional grade for extended use
Laser Lift collimating tip
Constant on/off button
2 Safety Tips
Laser Line Generator
Laser is a plus power, constant wave diode circuit type with computerized APC. 2xAAA batteries included
6 – 4.25 disposable sanitary tips
6 – 2.75 disposable sanitary tips
Operating Instructions

All lasers are tested during final assembly at the manufacturer by industrial testing methods, then calibrated and retested to validate each laser as a “plus” 4.0-5.0mW power output certification.


Customer Reviews

Hi, i have been using your 635 nm red laser to orally laser my upper gum area where my crohn’s disease started 20 years ago. It’s been about 2 months now.

So far the results are amazing and my small intestine which was the problem is doing much better and even some of my anal fistuals are starting to shrink a bit. All from lasering at point in my mouth on my gums where the disease first started.

I want to purchase another laser from you. I am torn between the two remaining lasers the 450nm blue laser or the 532 nm green laser. Since the the treatment is for healing a wound that would never heel over the years in the front gums above the two front teeth. The wound may be not granulating to heal and may have some infection due to the gums were over heated during a dental procedure which caused all this. So besides tissue regeneration I am looking at trying to remove the heat stuck in my gum wound so it can heal.

 Based on this Which Laser should I purchase the 450nm blue or the 532nm green? I hope whoever gets this has the knowledge to make this call cause you’ve helped my life more than any other treatment or doctor.

Thank you for your help and making a great LLT laser.” – Paul

3 Year Warranty
14 Day Return Policy
in the USA