Doctors 450nm Blue Laser

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The Doctor’s 450 nm Blue Laser Model has traditionally been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. The 450 nm Blue Laser is a new, exciting development. The blue laser is unique in the world of laser acupuncture.



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The Doctor’s 450 nm Blue Laser model has antibacterial, acupuncture point sedation, and calming qualities.  It is best for treating skin conditions, scar tissue, gingivitis, infections, and can reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. It is designed for clinical or personal use.

The 450nm Blue laser is unique in the world of laser acupuncture. It is compact and portable allowing you to treat your patients in an organic manner without being tethered to a bulky unit. The laser is powered by two AAA batteries and has a constant on/off switch. The complete package includes: * One 450nm Blue Laser * Our patent pending acupuncture tips * Disposable Sanitary tips * Travel Case * Two AAA batteries * Operating instructions * Our three-year warranty. Our True Blue laser is the product of new design technologies and manufacturing efficiencies. The True Blue Series of Acupuncture lasers are fabricated with InGaN semiconductors, which emit blue laser light without frequency-doubling. The blue laser is eye-safe – IEC Class 3R and FDA Class IIIA.

Features and Accessories:

Fully portable; patients not confined by a bulky unit
Professional grade for extended use
Laser Lift collimating tip
Constant on/off button
Two Safety Tips
Laser Line Generator
Laser is a plus power, constant wave diode circuit type with computerized APC. two AAA batteries included
6 – 4.25 disposable sanitary tips
6 – 2.75 disposable sanitary tips
Operating Instructions

All lasers are tested during final assembly at the manufacturer by industrial testing methods, then calibrated and retested to validate each laser as a “plus” 4.0-5.0mW power output certification.


3 Year Warranty
14 Day Return Policy
in the USA