Treatment Charts

Auriculotherapy Doctors Home Face Lift Booklet Korean Hand Therapy Chart
AuriculotherapyDoctors Home Face Lift BookletKorean Hand Therapy Chart
Laminated, High quality, color print! The ear chart demonstartes the most popular acupuncture treatment points. These are best stimulated utilizing the 635 nm red laser or the 532 nm green laser , with the 2.75 mm laser lift tip.

The Doctors Home Face Lift instrucional booklet is perfect for anyone who is looking for cosmetic enhancement without the pain and the cost of invasive procedures.

Laminated, High quality, color print! A chart showing the acupuncture points of the hand that are used for Korean Hand Therapy (KHT). Easily and effectively treat acupuncture points with our lasers.




Trigger Point Chart Motor Point Therapy Chart
Trigger Point ChartMotor Point Therapy Chart
Laminated, High quality, color print! Trigger Points are small areas of localized sensitivity and pain found in muscles and connective tissue. These areas may be palpated with finger tip pressure or by means of electrical currents. Low level...Laminated, High quality, color print! A motor point is an area at which the muscle is most easily excited with a minimum amount of stimulation. It is usually located in about the center of the muscle mass at the point where the motor nerve enters...