Doctors Red and Blue Combo
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Our Doctors Red and Blue combo pack features both our Drs 635nm Red laser and our Drs 450nm Blue laser. The combined theraputic effects of these two lasers have shown to be effective for pain management and inflamatory conditions. By themselves the Red laser has been shown to work effectively for cellular repair and healing. The Blue laser improves microcirculation and reduces inflamation. When used in conjunction with each other they off the best solution for pain management and relaxation!

Treatment with these two lasers is easier than ever. The Red laser stimulates the acupuncture point and the Blue laser sedates the acupuncture point for a more calming effect. Use them together or seperately and in an order that your protocal dictates for the maximum theraputic benefits. 

Each laser is equiped with a constant on/off switch for ease of use and the comes with our exclusive Acutips and accessories package. We also include a selection of our treatment charts with your purchase to aid your quest for better health.

Our Package Includes

1x Drs 635nm Red Laser

1x Drs 450nm Blue Laser

4x Acutips (2x straight and 2x angled)

2x Laserlift Tips

24x Welch-Allyn Tips (12x 4.25mm and 12x 2.25mm)

2x Hard Travel Cases

4x AAA batteries

Treatment charts and instructions


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Doctors Red and Blue Combo

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