Doctors' Lasers

Doctor's Laser Twin Pack Doctors Red and Blue Combo Doctors Triple Pack
Doctor's Laser Twin PackDoctors Red and Blue ComboDoctors Triple Pack

The Doctor's Twin Pack is supplied with both the 635 nm Red Laser and the 532 nm Green Laser. These are professional grade instruments designed for extended use with a constant on/off button. Laser line generator tip included.

Our Doctors Red and Blue combo pack features both our Drs 635nm Red laser and our Drs 450nm Blue laser. The combined theraputic effects of these two lasers have shown to be effective for pain management and inflamatory conditions. By themselves...

The Doctors value pack is a great opportunity to get all three of our Doctors lasers (in the proper wavelengths) for a bargain price. These lasers are intended for use in doctors’ offices and acupuncture clinics. Each laser is equipped with...




Tri Laser Ultimate Doctors 450nm Blue Laser Doctors 532 nm Green Laser
Tri Laser Ultimate Doctors 450nm Blue LaserDoctors 532 nm Green Laser
This is our deluxe package. You will receive all three of our doctors lasers (red, green, and blue) in addition to our newly developed Tri Laser Holder (description below). This combo will allow you to treat your patients (or yourself) using all...

Blue light has traditionally been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Our 450nm blue lasers are a new and exciting development. The 450nm Blue laser is unique in the world of laser acupuncture. It offers you all the benefits of...

The Green 532 nm Laser is most effective for treatment of soft tissue injuries. Its use helps the healing response of damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When used with the optional dental tip. Great for dental illumination.




Doctors 635 nm Red Laser
Doctors 635 nm Red Laser

This instrument has a constant on/off button in the base. This laser is a plus power, constant wave diode circuit type with computerized APC. When used with the optional Line Generating tip it allows for illumination of a larger treatment area.