Doctors 450nm Blue Laser
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Blue light has traditionally been associated with relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. Our 450nm blue lasers are a new and exciting development. The 450nm Blue laser is unique in the world of laser acupuncture. It offers you all the benefits of our other lasers like the 635nm Red and the 532nm green with the added benefit of its antibacterial, acupuncture point sedation, and calming qualities. This high quality laser acupuncture unit is meant for clinical use. It is compact and portable allowing you to treat your patients in an organic manner without being tethered to a bulky unit. The laser is powered by two AAA batteries, has a constant on/off switch, and comes with everything that you need to start treating your patients. The complete package includes: * 1x 450nm Blue Laser * Our patent pending Acutips * Disposable Sanitary tips * Treatment Charts * Travel Case * 2x AAA batteries * Operating instructions * Our two year warranty Our True Blue laser is the product of new design technologies and manufacturing efficiencies. The True Blue Series of Acupuncture lasers are fabricated with InGaN semiconductors, which emit blue laser light without frequency-doubling. Blue laser is eye safe - IEC Class 3R and FDA Class IIIA.

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Doctors 450nm Blue Laser

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